Welcome! This site contains a collection of youth and adult discipleship lessons written over the last few years. I have attempted to follow the Revised Common Lectionary. Yet at times, I have deviated from the Lectionary so that I might more fully cover the entire scope of the Bible.

At the top of most lessons, you will find links to download a printable version of the lesson as well as a printable participant guide. Please feel free to use these resources in your local context.

If you do not follow the Lectionary, we have organized each lesson by book of the Bible. Simply click on the Scripture Index above to view these lessons.

Additionally, as a personal exercise, I’ve decided to write something each day.  I’ll be writing a reflection on one of the texts (mostly, anyway) from the Daily Office of the Revised Common Lectionary as found in the Book of Common Prayer.  Sunday’s text will come from the readings suggested in the Sunday Lectionary.  As the need suits, I might deviate from the texts of the Daily Office.  Links to the most recent reflections can be found in the right sidebar.